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Important Things to Consider when looking for Mid-century Modern style Furniture

With the increased popularity and demand for mid-century modern furniture, you are more exposed to counterfeits. Many people have taken to duplicate mid-century modern furniture designs to meet the demand and purchasing power of people interested in them. Several aspects depict the authenticity of mid-century modern style furniture. Paying attention to these aspects ensures you get the right quality of furniture at the right price.

What to look for when purchasing mid-century modern style furniture

The following are some of the important aspects to tell you whether the piece of mid-century modern style furniture you want to buy is legitimate or not.

  • The materials used- The quality and type of material used in making furniture pieces can give you an idea of when and where it was made. In the mid-century modern times, wood, glass, and leather were the primary materials in making furniture. However, it might be hard to tell what kind of wood was used just by looking at it. The wood used during this period was solid, such as teak, elm, and rosewood. Therefore, the piece might be authentic if it feels hefty.
  • The country in which the furniture was manufactured- Not all countries embraced the mid-century modern style furniture. This implies that a piece of furniture can be deemed authentic depending on the country from which it originates. Countries that were involved in mid-century modern style furnishing include Denmark, Yugoslavia, Japan, Italy, and the U.S.
  • The form of finishing done on the furniture- By looking at how the finishing on a piece of furniture is, you can tell the time in which it was made. During the mid-century modern times, manufacturers emphasized on production of quality furniture. To pick out an authentic piece, you should look at how the joints are fitted or how the leather is attached to the piece. Handstitched leather and dowel joints could mean the piece is authentic.

Although it might seem easy to pick out an authentic mid-century modern style piece of furniture, it requires time and knowledge on the subject. Other factors such as price and label markings indicate when the furniture were manufactured and by who. Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern furniture gives more tips on how to tell if the furniture is authentic.