How to Style a Sideboard?

Sideboards play an integral role in giving our houses an elegant look. They usually come in a modern, stylish, and vintage form. They can occupy any room, but primarily they were made for the dining room. You can style them using different shapes to give your home that Glam look. The styles are diverse. You can opt for a white sideboard to accentuate your dark interior or a narrow sideboard to save you space. Let’s look at some ideas for your sideboard.

Create symmetry

Balance is critical in designing your sideboard. Strive not to underdo or overdo a color or theme. You can judge if equity has been achieved with a simple eye test. Also, ensure the sizes and shapes of the items on display mesh together. Make use of the sideboard. Ensure they are part of your daily activities. You can create a gallery of frames for your family making it part of your life.

Use the three-piece rule

Whether horizontal or vertical, a three-piece arrangement will look good on your sideboard. You can arrange books or artefacts on it. Horizontally you will space it thrice and then put your books or artefacts in a column or clusters.

Use matching colours

Ensure the colour of the sideboard compliments the rest of the room nicely. You can live your living room by using a bright colour on your sideboard.

Use mirrors

If your sideboard is facing the garden or an incredible outdoor landscape, you can use a mirror to reflect it into the house. The result is an excellent interior view of the beautiful scenery.

Use flowers for the fresh look

Flowers are the perfect complement for the sideboard. Use different types and sizes of vases on the cupboard. Always ensure that the colour of the flowers used meshes well with the one in the room. You can change the flowers bi-weekly or according to your moods. Try out as many combinations as possible to find the one that works.

Turn it into a mini-bar

The display of your bottles of wine and alcohol, if done right, can look great on the sideboard. Choose a dark hue to bring out the elegant look when you reveal the sidebar. Choose a suitable theme. The sideboard should be in tandem with the theme of the room.

A sideboard is an excellent piece of furniture. Useful in various rooms to bring the best out of them. Use the different styles mentioned above to make it great.

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